Alhaj Sayed Mansoor Naderi was born in 1936 in a spiritual family of well-known and great religious leader of Ismailia Sayed Nadir Shah-e-Kayani. Primarily, he spent a period of time in his birthplace beside his great father the intellectual, religious leader, poet and author of 58 religious, scientific & educational books. He is gifted the basic and Advance knowledge of early time. He was possessed of high perception, resourceful, thoughtful, strong capability, generous and with unique social behavior.

As well as like his great father enthusiast in poem and literature fields. Believably, he is Nizari Ismailia the follower of worldwide (Ismailia) leader His Highness Karim Aga Khan. Since his youth period, he dedicated to serve with the community in an exceptional manner.

In fact, he proved to be the figure of integrity, generosity, veracity and faithfulness. >>> More

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